Clear Quartz Oracle Reading

Clear Quartz 18 from The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal Oracle Reading – Aug. 4, 2021

Today’s crystal oracle reading is clear quartz from The Crystal Spirits Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. We have the number 18 represented with this card. Angel number 18 is the number of manifesting abundance into your experience.

Essential Meaning: Amplification, magnification, expansion, growth

When Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it is the time to focus on growth and expansion. Whatever you appreciate – love, abundance, or anything else – will grow simply by your observing it and feeling gratitude for it. Are you paying attention to all that is good in your life? Clear Quartz Spirit brings the message that you will amplify whatever you focus on, so focus well. Be mindful of what receives the bulk of your notice. Find what is healing and nurturing and what fosters your well-being; express gratitude for the bounty that is yours and it will expand. Whatever makes you feel happy and alive, do more of it!

Relationship Message

It’s easy to magnify the flaws in others and to forget to reflect on where you might need to grow. When Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it’s a sign for you to turn your attention to all that is wonderful in the people you care about, in yourself, and in your relationships. Grow what is good. Grow what is working. No one can be all things to all people at all times, so cut yourself and your partner some slack.

Today, celebrate who you are and what you experience in your relationships that helps you feel loved and appreciated, and share that appreciation with others. Say “Thank you!” to the people in your life who make it better in so many different ways.

Prosperity Message

Clear Quartz Spirit comes bearing energetic growth and expansion. What do you love? What do you desire? Choose well so that the seeds you water will lead to a bumper crop of just what you hoped for. Invest time in activities that you value so that you can increase your fulfillment and prosperity. Abundance is your natural state, and quartz crystal can help bring you back to it, so notice what feels healthy, good, and rooted in a strong foundation. You can expand upon it with the help of the Conscious Universe. The appearance of Clear Quartz Spirit signifies certain opportunities that lead to your greater good. Whatever you place your attention on will grow. Be certain you want it too!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditate with clear quartz when you desire clarity on any aspect of life. Clear quartz is magnanimous in that it will generously offer up its own energy in order to magnify that of any other stone. Containing only silicon and oxygen, it is the purest of all crystals and is easily programmable with your intentions.

*The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

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Love + Light,

GerMichael Cole


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