People really are always showing you exactly where they are. When you are compassion, you’re able to see them, and you.




Lose yourself in love

Find all that you were, all that you are, all that you will be

Come back to her. Who? Love.

That’s who you truly are, have always been, and will forever be

That’s all there ever is, was, and will ever be

Feel this, be this, all of it.

Fully, and thoroughly.

It’s your best you.

There is nothing else, never have been, and will never be… only her. Love.

Let her consume you, become her, and all of her essence.

Dive in. Be submerged. Engulfed.

She awaits all of you. All of you.

Be love.

It’s who you are, have always been, and forever will be.



Know Thy Self

Our body is a technology. It is an advanced spaceship that our Spirit travels within.

Our Soul has a body, not the other way around. The body is likened unto a spacesuit or rather an earth suit that we use to function here on Earth.

You are Spirit first, before you are human.
You are Spirit first, before you are gender.
You are Spirit first, before you are color.

Many of us don’t know who we are, so we don’t know why we are.
We don’t truly know our purpose, passion, love or highest excitement, because we don’t truly know who we are.

When you know your who, you will know your why.
When you know your why, you will know purpose, passion, love, and your highest excitement.

I Love My Life

One thing I can finally say is at this point in my life I am the most happiest I’ve ever been in my life!

I love myself, and I love my life.

I couldn’t always say that though, and there were times I just didn’t want to be here anymore.

But I learned the secret to life and that is I am responsible for my own life and the type of life I live. I make my own luck, I follow what excites me, and I don’t give a fvck what people think about me or say about me, because frankly that’s none of my business!

Cheers to true happiness!