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Crystal Oracle Reading – January 11, 2023


Moldavite is a crystal that radiates energy, and upon first touch, you can feel the warmth it gives off. This warmth is so common that it has developed the term “Moldavite flush”. The “flush” sends vibrations through the body and will imbue the user in a light tingly sensation. Some new users say it is a little over-whelming and will take it off or out of there pocket periodically as they feel “lightheaded”. Its usually recommended to always have a grounding stone nearby when you first start working with it to help avoid Moldavite being too strong. Over time, the strength will be less overwhelming as you get used to the stone.

Essential Meaning: Transformation, rebirth through fire, initiation and opening to new experiences, revitalization and renewal

New doors open, and you cross the threshold. It can be exhilarating to know that you are stepping out of the old and into a new self ready for the unexpected gifts that come with this initiation. Moldavite Spirit’s message is to know that as you walk through an open door, you are being reborn in a sense, for you will be different once you have made a conscious choice to say good-bye to what was. Rebirth always involves tension and struggle. Crystals can only form if there is plenty of pressure to change. If you are frustrated or uncomfortable, know that relief is on the way, so just focus on what is happening as a better tomorrow begins to reveal itself. Your passage into the new is assured, so be present, be open, be ready for healing to take place. This new experience requires a new you, in a sense – a you that recognizes that you belong here, that you truly can let go of the old. You are so loved, and the Conscious Universe is so proud of you!


As you transition to a new you, you will become part of a new group of people, for you are having new experiences that differ from those that came before. Old friends will be there for you, but new ones will appear, drawn to your vibration, which resonates with theirs. Although you are being initiated into a new experience, you will not be alone, so leave your fears at the door. Your community will find you, and you will know that you belong as they embrace you as one of their own. You will feel the love as you adjust to your new role, confident in the potential of those you care about coming along with you. Encourage them to believe that they too can let go of the past and transition into something better.


The appearance of Moldavite Spirit is a sure sign that you are closing the door on the past in some way and stepping into a new you, ready for what lies ahead. You will not be alone, and you will encounter many signs that you have what you need and that your foundation is strong. You may feel a little shaky right now – after all, you are not used to this territory – but you’ve passed the audition, so to speak, and are ready to step into the prosperous life you deserve.


Moldavite is a green tektite thought to have been formed when a meteorite crashed in the Czech Republic approximately 14.8 million years ago. It is a crystal heralding massive transformation on all levels. This is not a stone to play with or take lightly, and it’s definitely not recommended for those unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. Once we engage with moldavite, we need to buckle up, because things are going to get interesting! The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook – Colette Baron-Reid


Orange Sapphire, also known as Padparadsha Sapphire, is the rarest and most prized out of all Sapphires. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word “Lotus Flower”, referring to it’s pinkish-orange color. This sapphire is highly activating of one’s sexual and creative energies and will light the “fire of desire” inside you. Orange Sapphire is a solar stone that brings with it warmth and physical comfort. This special stone connects with the planet Mars, the planet of action, bravery, courage. Mars energies will enhance your ability to move forward with your desires and not work towards achieving someone else’s.

Essential Meaning: Joy in sensuality, respecting your body, body love

Just as healing crystals are of the earth yet separate from it, we are part of Gaia, and the same water, minerals, and crystals are found within us as well as within the earth. Sometimes, we feel completely in our heads and out of touch with our bodies, but Orange Sapphire Spirit is here to remind us that our bodies will serve us throughout our lifetime.

So treat yours lovingly. Nourish it with good foods from the earth and water that will replenish you. Wonder at your body’s beauty and strength. Marvel at its ability to keep your heart beating and your lungs inhaling and exhaling without your conscious effort. Regardless of the flaws you think your body has, now is a time to pay attention to it and tend to it with love.

The message of Orange Sapphire Spirit is to honor your body and experience its miracles – the senses that distinguish so many different scents, sounds, textures, and colors. Be fully present in your body today and observe what you experience and what your body has to tell you. Care for it and express gratitude to it, for it is through your body’s senses that you can experience pleasure.


Our interactions with others through technology can help us build the bonds of friendship, family, and romance, but Orange Sapphire Spirit appears when you need to get back into your body and connect with it physically so that you can express love in a tangible way. Hug someone, hold their hand, and explore the gifts of the senses with another – listening to music together, cooking good food with each other, being in the same physical space. Ground your relationship in activities you do with each other today so that you both can be reminded of the precious gift that is the body and nourish your relationship to it.


You are more than just your thoughts and emotions. You are also your body, which is here to carry you through this experience of life on Earth. Do you honor your body by devoting money to its care, or do you “cheap out” because you think it is frivolous or unimportant to tend to your physical being? Adornment isn’t necessarily rooted in vanity. Caring for your hair, skin, and body is a way to express love for yourself and this marvelous vehicle for your spirit that will take you from your first breath to your last.

Today is a day for sensual pleasures and expressing love to your body. Put your money where your body is and take good care of it, whether it’s attending to your health or showing your body lots of love, so you feel good in your own skin.


Orange sapphire is very effective in stimulating the second, or sacral, chakra. It can assist those who desire to experience the sensuality in life as well as get the creative juices flowing. It asks us to explore the world through our senses: silken fabrics, chocolate melting on the tongue, the feel of finger paints as we create on a canvas. Meditate with this crystal when you start a creative project or when you want to feel more sensual. The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook – Colette Baron-Reid

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Crystal Oracle Reading – January 11, 2023

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Crystal Healing Oracle Message: Seriphos Green Quartz

Seriphos Green Quartz – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal healing oracle message for July 28, 2022 – Seriphos Green Quartz

Seriphos Green Quartz is a wonderful, love filled and abundant energy that instils us with the awareness of Heaven present, right here and right now, surrounding us… that we only have to be present to see it… it is not an afterlife promise, but a gift here and now. This amazing energy provides vitality and helps us love our lives and our place in the world. It brings our attention to beauty and that which is pleasurable and brings us joy. It helps us connect to nature and see the magnificence that shines there. It helps us feel good about our choices and to move towards choices that make us feel good, so we can truly enjoy our time here. A powerful crystal of psychic insight, prophecy, and abundance. It assists in the healing of eyesight and speech impediments. Seriphos Quartz can sedate the heart and minds turmoil, bringing forth calm, clear assurance.

Seriphos green quartz is unique not only for its colouring, which ranges from pale green to a deep spinach colour.

The Seriphos green quartz crystals emanate a most heavenly energy, However they are not like other stones that vibrate with the higher plane angelic energies.

Seriphos Green Quartz is the mineral equivalent of wheat grass juice or a good herbal tonic. It helps the user or wearer to be grounded in the best possible way – through love for the material world and ones place within it. Seriphos green quartz is an ideal companion for outdoors meditation, hiking or other activities that connect us with the natural world. Wearing or carrying it when outdoors helps one see and appreciate the beauties of the living world, from the majestic sea and the silent forests, to the weed growing between the cracks in the pavement. These stones are particularly helpful to those who feel uncomfortable in their bodies, or are distressed at the hardships of life on earth. Just holding or looking at one of these stones themselves can bring a softening of sharp edges of ones stress.

Seriphos green quartz harmonizes well with moldavite, phenacite, azeztulite and amethyst.
from “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons & Niasha
” – KSC Crystals,

Essential Meaning: Life on life’s terms, joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life) and acceptance of our place in the world, heaven on Earth, what is meant to be

As long as we are human, we will face times when the only choice is to accept life on its own terms. But in that acceptance lies a most precious treasure: the gift of now. Surrender to this moment exactly as it is, and your heart will open, releasing what needs to be left behind as you join with the Conscious Universe on a journey of your own healing. Something wonderful is awaiting you, but first you must be present in what is, so that you can have this experience and receive the gift of recognizing that you are stronger than you know. When the wheel of fortune turns, you may look back on this moment as crucial for your growth. Very often, unanswered prayers and unexpected twists of fate lead to the destiny the heart seeks. Trust now in this process of acceptance. Trust that the Conscious Universe has your back.

Relationship Message

The rigidity you felt when pushing for what you desired is absent now as you are coming to accept that what is cannot be changed – at least not yet. This moment must be experienced exactly as it is so that you may see your relationships with clarity. Being honest about what you can change and what you can’t is a big step toward co-creating what you desire and deserve. So be present, let the tears flow, and rest assured that the Conscious Universe is your ally. There is far more love coming your way than you can even begin to imagine.

Seriphos Green Quartz – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Prosperity Message

Seriphos Green Quartz Spirit appears to tell you that the foundations of wealth may not be obvious in your life at this moment, but you are meant to have certain experiences for the sake of your soul’s calling. There is a gift therein, so accept what is. Tomorrow is a different day, offering different opportunities. Accept any losses or disappointments, and be fully present to the moment and the lessons it brings. Much is coming your way, more quickly than you might expect.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Seriphos Green Quartz is a type of quartz only found on the island of Seriphos, in Greece. It grows in odd shapes often reminiscent of plant life. This beautiful crystal can be used for healing the physical body, opening the heart, and connecting to nature and all of life.

from The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

I hope this message resonates with you in one way or another. I love reading the messages of these oracle cards. They always seem to resonate with me one way or another, and right on time too! I enjoy the clarity and the enlightenment I receive from them, and that is why I like to share them with you.

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Clear Quartz Oracle Reading

Clear Quartz 18 from The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal Oracle Reading – Aug. 4, 2021

Today’s crystal oracle reading is clear quartz from The Crystal Spirits Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. We have the number 18 represented with this card. Angel number 18 is the number of manifesting abundance into your experience.

Essential Meaning: Amplification, magnification, expansion, growth

When Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it is the time to focus on growth and expansion. Whatever you appreciate – love, abundance, or anything else – will grow simply by your observing it and feeling gratitude for it. Are you paying attention to all that is good in your life? Clear Quartz Spirit brings the message that you will amplify whatever you focus on, so focus well. Be mindful of what receives the bulk of your notice. Find what is healing and nurturing and what fosters your well-being; express gratitude for the bounty that is yours and it will expand. Whatever makes you feel happy and alive, do more of it!

Relationship Message

It’s easy to magnify the flaws in others and to forget to reflect on where you might need to grow. When Clear Quartz Spirit appears, it’s a sign for you to turn your attention to all that is wonderful in the people you care about, in yourself, and in your relationships. Grow what is good. Grow what is working. No one can be all things to all people at all times, so cut yourself and your partner some slack.

Today, celebrate who you are and what you experience in your relationships that helps you feel loved and appreciated, and share that appreciation with others. Say “Thank you!” to the people in your life who make it better in so many different ways.

Prosperity Message

Clear Quartz Spirit comes bearing energetic growth and expansion. What do you love? What do you desire? Choose well so that the seeds you water will lead to a bumper crop of just what you hoped for. Invest time in activities that you value so that you can increase your fulfillment and prosperity. Abundance is your natural state, and quartz crystal can help bring you back to it, so notice what feels healthy, good, and rooted in a strong foundation. You can expand upon it with the help of the Conscious Universe. The appearance of Clear Quartz Spirit signifies certain opportunities that lead to your greater good. Whatever you place your attention on will grow. Be certain you want it too!

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Meditate with clear quartz when you desire clarity on any aspect of life. Clear quartz is magnanimous in that it will generously offer up its own energy in order to magnify that of any other stone. Containing only silicon and oxygen, it is the purest of all crystals and is easily programmable with your intentions.

*The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

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GerMichael Cole

I Love My Life

One thing I can finally say is at this point in my life I am the most happiest I’ve ever been in my life!

I love myself, and I love my life.

I couldn’t always say that though, and there were times I just didn’t want to be here anymore.

But I learned the secret to life and that is I am responsible for my own life and the type of life I live. I make my own luck, I follow what excites me, and I don’t give a fvck what people think about me or say about me, because frankly that’s none of my business!

Cheers to true happiness!

Output & Input

Output & Input, that’s what Life is all about.

Just as cause and effect, everything we do is a seed.

Throughout your daily life what seeds are you planting?

What energy are you putting out?

A Meditation

Right now, stop what you’re doing.

Slowly take a full deep breath in from your nose… feel it.

Slowly exhale completely from you nose… feel it.

Smile to yourself… feel it.

Now tell yourself I Love You! Feel all the love, feel it.

This is meditation, being present to the moment and honoring it.
May the rest of your day be filled with lilies and butterflies.

Love, Light & Namaste

May 16, 2019

You, and only you create your reality – nothing and no one does. When you take full responsibility of your own life, then you will see change and you will begin to evolve.

GerMichael M. Cole