Oatmeal Granola Bowl

Oatmeal Granola Bowl

It’s the simple things that often brings the greatest joys.

Here’s to a Happy Beautiful Day!

Oatmeal Bowl
Almond Milk

Archer Farms Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Granola
Organic Agave

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Do You Eat Your Seeds?

Do you eat your seeds?

More and more it’s becoming difficult to find watermelons with the seeds, everything is seedless now. You can only do the best with what you have, but really try to always get any fruit with the seeds or at best make sure it’s at least organic.

If it is seedless do not eat it. Seedless fruit are produced without fertilization. This process is known as parthenocarpy, and is typically done by applying synthetic growth substances to fruits through injection, in paste form, or by spraying. Additionally, seedless fruit contain more sugar and less minerals than seeded fruit. –@alkaline_vegan_news

Watermelon Seed Image