My Joy!

2020 has been an amazing year for me. This year, July 25th I turned 40 years old! I’m just so proud of me. I knew that I would finally get here, to a place of love and freedom. I’m so proud of all the hard work that I’ve done to become the best version of me. I now fully understand that I am perfect just the way that I am, and I’ve always been. I no longer seek for attention, to be validated, accepted, approved or affirmed. Why? Because I’ve learned how to give my own self those things, and it feels so so so good! There is such a liberty there. I’m proud of my skin, my body – me! I love every bit of me. None of that was the case before though, but I’m here now b*tches! Naw, but I’m very very happy. Life is and has been amazing to me. Trust me, there is a back story to all of this, but right now I’m appreciating where I am currently. I’ll be bring you up to speed in other entries, okay?

Well, I love you! Have the most amazing day!!!

Oh, and get into my Mottled Spurge!


Output & Input

Output & Input, that’s what Life is all about.

Just as cause and effect, everything we do is a seed.

Throughout your daily life what seeds are you planting?

What energy are you putting out?