Be Here!!! (Manifestation & Law of Attraction)

In this video I share the importance of being here; fully present, in this current moment, and current space you find yourself in. We’re continuously looking to get there, whatever “there” might be for you, but we rarely allow ourselves to be here. What I’m discovering is that the answers are usually here; in the present moment. It is the present moment that sparks us and gives us the inspiration for the next moment, and the next, and so on. The current moment is what creates the next, so how are you in this current moment now? Are you allowing yourself to be present in order to gain insight, and see the answers? 

This is where life is calling us, calling you higher now. We can now see life from a mature standpoint. As we, ourselves, heal our childhood traumas, and even past lives traumas, we’re able to see how we can enjoy this current life experience from a higher elevated place. There’s so much that life has to offer, more than just what we’ve been focusing on up to this point.

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May 7, 2019

When we let go of the pain, the hurt, the trauma, and understand the lesson – now we move away from victim hood and sit in the seat of gratitude and appreciation.

Because we are energy, we attract like energy, whether negative or positive. What we hold on to and are resistant to, we attract more of the same experience back into our lives. When we let go of those experiences and take on a disposition of gratitude and appreciation for the lesson, now we attract more positive experiences into our life.

GerMichael M. Cole

May 2, 2019

Many of the decisions we make today are most times based from the lens of our past. Sometimes we find ourselves repeating cycles and never really moving forward or upward in our lives.

GerMichael M. Cole

In All Things Give Thanks

Gratitude is the #1 key for me. It has helped me immensely along my journey and transformation.

This is how. . .

I have a picture in my home that says, In All Things Give Thanks.

But what does this really mean?

For me, this was looking at everything that has ever happened in my life, from my childhood on up. Everything I’ve ever experienced – I had to choose to be grateful for. I had a pretty tough childhood, to say the least, but who hasn’t? When I decided to be grateful for it all, that’s when my life changed. I moved from a place of being the victim and taking full responsibility. That’s a very hard thing to do, a very hard pill to swallow for most. But doing this I chose to sit in the seat of gratitude. Understanding this, all of the series of events from the time I was born until now is what made the person I am right now today. It played an important part in shaping my perceptions, how I perceive and view things, my current thought process, and my evolution – has made me into who I am, right now today, and guess what? I love who I’ve become and still yet becoming.

So, in essence, I appreciate what the neglect, the hurt, the pain, the traumas, the abuse – all of it, produced. At the time is was happening, of course, I didn’t like it, and didn’t understand it. All I knew was that it hurt. Now later on in life I am able to innerstand that it was all necessary, and that’s why I can say I’m grateful.

You see, when “I” healed myself of the past it was then that my present begin to align for me. When you don’t heal yourself of your past, all of those programs and blocks follow you in every aspect of your life. They follow you in every decision you make because everything you do is from the lens of your past, by this, you create walls and more blocks in your life. When you free yourself of that, everything you do now is from the present. That was a very big one for me. Once I understood that the past nor the future exists and that all we ever have is the present, that completely shifted my entire life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that what we feel about the past in not valid and that it’s not true, however, what I am saying is understand that everything and every person is a lesson; a teacher. Choose to understand what those experiences and persons taught you about yourself. See the lesson in the hurt, and that’s what you choose to become grateful about. I like to say it like this…. Life is never happening to you, but life is happening for you. When you look at it from that position, it really does put everything into perspective. That’s how you live in the present, knowing that all things are working together for the good. Even what we may feel is the worst possible thing ever, it’s actually working for your best good.

The key thing is this, resistance. When we are resistant to the things we feel are bad or negative, we’re actually attracting more of that same energy back into our lives. So don’t get stuck there. Understand this, what seems bad or negative is a lesson or a teacher. So instead of focusing on what seems bad or negative, we’re able to appreciate the lesson from it and grow thereby.

This is how you find good in the bad always, and that’s how you’re able to fully embrace this concept, the idea of “In All Things Give Thanks.” As this becomes a model for your life, instead of the resistance, you will see that you will begin attracting more favorable outcomes in your life! Energy begets energy, whether good or bad. The more bad energy you put out, the more you get in return. The more good energy you put out, the more you get in return.

Find gratitude in all things! By doing this, you are collapsing old time lines, paradigms, programs, blocks, and old systems in your life. You now create new paradigms, reconstructing your neural pathways and essentially your DNA.

When you consistently sit in a seat of gratitude, you are able to give thanks in all things.

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