Tree Aeonium

Tree aeonium (aeonium arboreum), also known as Irish Rose or Houseleek Tree, is a succulent dwarf shrub, up to 2 meters high, endemic to the western Canary Islands. It grows on weathered volcanic soil in full sun or partial shade. Tree aeonium can also be grown in a glasshouse. There are several attractive cultivars such as the purple ‘Zwartkop’ and variegated ‘variegatum’. Yellow flowers appear in the spring.

They prefer full sunlight, sand, loam; well drained; slightly acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline soil. They are drought-tolerant. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained from the drain hole.

When I first got a Tree Aeonium, I felt that it would be very easy because duh, it’s a succulent, but that wasn’t necessarily true – at first. Through many of the leaves falling off, and moving it to another space in my home I was able to figure it out and it’s doing fairly well. It’s actually grown about a half inch. So I’m a very proud plant daddy!