Swiss Cheese Monstera

The leaves of the swiss cheese plant are large and heart-shaped and develop slits as they grow. These slits function in nature to help the plant survive gusty winds and heavy downpours in its native rain forest environment. The swiss cheese plant has aerial roots that support the growth of this plant up to 10 feet and hang from the stem.

Swiss cheese plants require full shade, and soil that is chalky, loam, clay, sand; well drained; slightly acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline. It has average water needs. Watering should be done each week or when the top 3 cm of soil has dried out. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained from the drain hole.

A Monstera! Smh…, listen there are two plants in particular that gets me all in a frenzy; a good frenzy too, and that is a Fiddle Leaf Fig and a Monstera. Let me tell you. So when I saw this little baby swiss cheese plant I was too through. Baaby! It hasn’t developed its slits yet, so that’s why I felt I had to have this one. I want to see it grow into the mighty Monstera it will be. So this won’t be the last time you see her. And oh, her name is Her Royal Highness!