Crystal Healing Oracle Message: Smithsonite

Smithsonite – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal healing oracle message for Aug. 29, 2022 – Smithsonite

Smithsonite is a powerful stone that is here to soothe your mind and calm your emotions. It helps one refresh their emotional body and helps in the revaluation of the situations causing distress. Smithsonite pushes one’s mind into a state of clarity when emotions may feel overwhelming. This crystal pushes one to find resolution to move forward from any and all negative situations. By helping one achieve clarity of the mind, one may soon begin to ask themselves, “Is it truly worth it?”. The amount of energy needed to continue holding grudges and arguments is overwhelming for even the strongest person, and can not be held onto when trying to move forward. Once one has accepted that, only then will they know the true effects of the mighty Smithsonite stone.

This stone is a perfect ally to help one combat anxiety, depression, low energy, and shyness. Smithsonite provides one with an inner reflection and helps bring out a deep strength that one may not knew existed. Showing one the power they have within can help in finding the confidence and self-esteem to push forward through life’s most challenging obstacles. We recommend anyone who has hypersensitive emotions or recovering from an emotional wound to carry a piece of Smithsonite with them daily. Let the nourishing and rejuvenating vibrations imbue your aura each day!

Smithsonite Crystal

Meditating with Smithsonite will not only help calm one’s emotions, but also activate and unlock psychic abilities hidden within. Placing a piece on your third eye or crown chakra will help with astral travel, heightened intuition and intellect, enhanced awareness, and clarity & vividness of dreams. The Crystal Council

Essential Meaning: Rebirth from chaos, evolution, stress relief, emotional boost, clearing of obstacles to growth

From here to there can be a rocky road, one that may even seem to move under your feet as you engage in a process of healing with roiling emotions. The journey can be confusing and unsettling and cause you to want to beat a hasty retreat, but Smithsonite Spirit’s message is clear as can be: you are haltingly moving forward into creating something new. If you feel as if you’re unsteady and even going a little backward at times, it is only because you are being asked to look to the past and the lessons learned so that your next steps can be sure and steady. The ground is firm beneath you, the wind is at your back, and the Conscious Universe is beside you – so there is no need to look for what may seem to be safer ground. The landscape around you is changing, you are changing, and soon you will feel much more settled, if you heed the call of Smithsonite Spirit and trust that you’ll be just fine. So breathe. It’s all going to resolve soon, and the obstacles you find daunting will disappear.

Relationship Message

You are evolving, and the confusion will lift as you breathe and listen to the message of Smithsonite Spirit. Even when you are leading your partner in dance, there will be times when it seems you are stumbling backward or, twirling through in the air, you feel unsure of where the ground is and whether you are about to fall. In every relationship, evolution is necessary at times, for circumstances always change. You must become the person you need to be so that intimacy and friendship can weather the inevitable storms and grow even stronger. Put one foot forward and twirl away without fear, for soon your gaze will meet your partner’s and you will see eye to eye on what is most important. Then the right next step will become clear.

Smithsonite – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Prosperity Message

Every creature on Earth experiences growth spurts. Could you be in one now? Could it be that the ups and downs in your sense of prosperity reflect that you are maturing into someone new, one who is more comfortable with the fluctuations of wealth in the outer world because you have become more at peace with the natural flow of abundance and are feeling prosperous within?

We invest in and plant seeds, we nourish and tend, we harvest and enjoy the bounty that is ours and then start the cycle all over again, imagining what comes next. Have faith in the cycle, for the support of the Conscious Universe, your ally in co-creating, is the firm foundation beneath you. Feel encouragement from the Conscious Universe being conveyed to you through Smithsonite Spirit, whose message is this: you have what you need in this moment and more is coming to you, so breathe.

Crystal Spirit Meditation

Smithsonite is incredibly useful in calming the emotions. It comes in a wide range of colors, each with a slightly different vibration but all working directly on the emotional body. Meditation with this stone soothes and brings peace, allowing us to disconnect from specific perceptions and explore different perspectives.

from The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

Heal Your Emotions To Unlock & Activate Your Psychic Abilities!!!

It’s always a great pleasure sharing these messages! I get filled up on these messages, and I hope they resonate with you. How has this message inspired you or what was an important take away for you? I would love to know. Feel free to comment below, and share this with someone who you feel might be inspired by it too!

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Crystal Healing Oracle Message: Nuummite

Nuummite – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal healing oracle message for July 18, 2022 – Nuummite

After meditation this morning, while shuffling The Crystal Spirits Oracle cards, I asked Universe Spirit what was the message for today, and out flipped this one. Now I’ve never heard of or seen this stone before, so it was a new one for me. I was like, okay, what are you about? After reading about it, I was like wow. It was a subtle wow. It oddly, but surprisingly is accurate for where we are, and where we’re headed. I’m so excited for you to read this. You will definitely walk away from this read, not who you were before having read it. I believe it that much!

Nuummite works towards bridging the spiritual and physical realms together, providing a channel for higher knowledge and transformative energy to grow and prosper. This stone helps unlock one’s third eye and activate your own unique psychic abilities. Inner vision of one’s past lives, as well as messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides coming through to you during dreams or intense meditation sessions are fairly common when initially working with Nuummite. Try placing this stone over your third eye and allow the stone’s energy to directly be absorbed into your pineal gland. Pulsating vibrations will soon begin to imbue your entire body and elevate one’s entire consciousness. This mineral holds the key to many of Earth’s secrets, as well as the life that once existed on this planet. Working with this stone repeatedly and becoming more comfortable with the energy it holds is a huge part in understanding the mystery behind Nuummite. The Crystal Council,

Essential Meaning: Achieving self-mastery, inner power, recovering your sense of self

Evidence of progress can seem elusive at times, but when Nuummite Spirit appears, it is a sign that you might be underestimating how far you have come. Our minds are conditioned to pay attention to the negative and overlook all that is good in our lives, including the results of our efforts over time. You may not have received a big blue ribbon or parade in your honor, but the Conscious Universe acknowledges and celebrates all your hard work mastering your fears.

Make peace with the part of yourself that tells you that whatever you do, it will never be enough. You are developing mastery, and there will be times when you feel as if your progress is slow and inadequate, but you are called now to acknowledge that you have indeed persevered, learned much, and not given up. Doing so will help you to stay the course rather than veer off track. Be gentle with yourself as you master the challenges you always seem to overcome somehow. You are getting better at this thing called life – at building healthy relationships and prosperity and at knowing and loving yourself as much as the Conscious Universe does. Give yourself credit and keep practicing. We are all learning and Nuummite Spirit is here to tell you the Conscious Universe is watching and is so very proud of you.


When it comes to your relationship with others, building trust and intimacy is a process. Practice leads to results, for repetition develops skills. Just as you engage in a dance with a partner, leading and following, stay present in the moment, listening to signals and cues and being clear about what you need and desire. Yes, toes will get stepped on here and there, but it’s how you and your partner deal with the inevitable missteps that allows you to develop a closeness that can stand up to even the biggest challenges. Practice, practice, practice . . . and soon it will be second nature to express yourself in relationships in ways that reflect your highest aspirations for how you want to show up for others and what you want to experience. Cultivate love through practicing being loving.

Nuummite – The Crystal Spirit Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


Dig into the earth and you will soon realize that layers upon layers of soil and rocks have built up over time – and this is a lesson for how to build a foundation in the material world to help you feel more secure. Your true prosperity will always lie in your relationship with the Conscious Universe, your co-creator.

Nuummite Spirit is here to remind you that outer conditions will soon begin to reflect your intention to own your natural abundance – but you must practice the art of building wealth, which might feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable to you. Take time today to honor yourself for how far you have come and the discipline you have shown in methodically working to master your fears about not having enough and about not being up to the task of wealth building. Abundance within, abundance without is what the Conscious Universe wants for you. You are getting there incrementally each time you commit to practice and consciously repeat the actions you know are healthy and in alignment with abundance. Mastery arises from conscious repetition, so know what you need to do and do it. The Conscious Universe is with you.


Nuummite feels sacred, carrying the vibration of the wise elder or teacher. When we are ready, this stone will assist us in diving down into the very depths of self in order to unearth and reclaim the lost or buried parts of us. It encourages us to embrace and integrate the neglected pieces of who we are, step into our power, and once again know ourselves as the perfect beings we have always been.

from The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

I hope this message resonates with you in one way or another. I love reading the messages of these oracle cards. They always seem to resonate with me one way or another, and right on time too! I enjoy the clarity and the enlightenment I receive from them, and that is why I like to share them with you.

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I Love My Life

One thing I can finally say is at this point in my life I am the most happiest I’ve ever been in my life!

I love myself, and I love my life.

I couldn’t always say that though, and there were times I just didn’t want to be here anymore.

But I learned the secret to life and that is I am responsible for my own life and the type of life I live. I make my own luck, I follow what excites me, and I don’t give a fvck what people think about me or say about me, because frankly that’s none of my business!

Cheers to true happiness!

May 9, 2019

Living, radiating, pulsating, and emitting Love frequency is out of this world.

GerMichael M. Cole