Crystal Healing Oracle Message: Selenite

Selenite – The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Crystal healing oracle message for July 16, 2022 – Selenite.

Essential Meaning: Liquid light, fluidity, flexibility, illumination and clarity, raising your vibration

When Selenite Spirit appears, its message to you is to keep moving past your challenges, your sights always on raising your vibration – to be like liquid light, illuminating, fluid, and flexible. For even the earth and her rocks, stones, and crystals change and reveal more of themselves over time. Selenite Spirit’s message is that whatever the pace of change, you must yield your expectations about how things should be so that you can discover the beauty in how things are evolving. Like liquid light flowing around an obstacle, you have the capacity to move more freely than you might realize. Know that a new perspective can help you see that.

You don’t ever have to be stopped in your tracks! Be flexible in your thinking, for there is more wisdom in the Universal Consciousness than in your own individual mind, and it is always available to you. The way out of the old patterns is to enter the unknown, without maps or well-defined, familiar paths. Surrender your fear, and know that the Conscious Universe is here to provide you with clarity and guide you through unexpected twists and turns.


Relationships offer us the opportunity to deepen our love and trust and to experience personal transformation, because wanting to make a relationship work can be the key to releasing your beliefs about how the other person ought to act and how very right you are at all times! Selenite Spirit calls you to bring your light and shine it on your truth. Be more flexible, so that even when obstacles seem to be blocking you from love, you recognize your ability to become fluid and move around them.

The Conscious Universe wants you to have the relationship you desire! You are called to raise your vibration and put energy into what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Look at the other person from another angle – try to understand their point of view. This movement can shift everything and help them see you differently too.

The magic of love is that it can take many forms, all of which can help us heal the old patterns that kept us stuck and unable to move forward into our purpose. Isn’t love marvelous?

The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


We often think of wealth too literally – as having money, or owning property or “stuff” – instead of acknowledging its spiritual nature. The earth has boundless riches, for it reflects the universe’s endless love for us. Our task is to bring light and stay connected to our Higher Power and recognize prosperity in its many forms.

Selenite Spirit calls you to be less rigid in your thinking about what it means to be wealthy and prosperous so that from the realm of Air, where ideas originate, you can signal to the universe that you are ready to manifest the material resources you need to do your healing work and find your purpose. What you require might be different from what you think, so be flexible and open to new ideas about how you can prosper and what will serve you best.


Meditating with selenite brings purity to our thoughts by clearing contaminations or clutter caused by beliefs, our own or those of others. Selenite clears our energy as well as the energy of other crystals and never needs cleansing itself. This is an optimal stone to have in a healing room, as it can assist in keeping the space free of unwanted or detrimental energies. It also protects against EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure from computers.

from The Crystal Spirits Oracle Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

I hope this message resonates with you in one way or another. I love reading the messages of these oracle cards. They always seem to resonate with me one way or another, and right on time too! I enjoy the clarity and the enlightenment I receive from them, and that is why I like to share them with you.

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